Kick’n Kids Sports of Southwest Florida

Local programs designed for children ages 2 to 10 years old.


We are dedicated to providing your kids first-class intro-to-sports programs in community centers, parks, preschools, and elementary schools. Kick’n Kids sports programs have been designed by specialists, in conjunction with experienced coaches in each specialty: soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Our coaches are educated in the use of developmentally appropriate techniques in order to provide children with learning experiences that nurture social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Our programs also make great fundraising opportunities for groups like the PTA or PTO.



Each module within the program is designed to be developmentally appropriate. The program emphasizes skill-building and social-skill development.

The focus with each sport is individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship. Children are motivated and challenged through fun games, creative drills, and team participation.


Kick’n Kids Sports programs are instructed at preschools, childcares, elementary schools, and a variety public locations, such as community centers, religious organizations, and public or private parks. School programs are open only to children enrolled at the school. Public programs are open to the general public.
Kick’n Kids Sports asks that your child wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for high-energy activity. No additional padding, helmets, cleats, or shin guards are required.
Kick’n Kids Sports supplies the equipment required for each sport at our sessions.
For public programs and elementary schools, it is recommended that each child bring at least one bottle of water and a cloth to wipe perspiration. We provide breaks as needed during session for children to hydrate. Kick’n Kids Sports does not supply snacks. Should your child bring a snack, it can be eaten before session or held until after session. Snacks are not to be eaten during instruction time.
Registrations are made online by credit/debit card, or check. On-going programs are set up on payments that are automatically processed month-to-month. Should there be an issue processing a card or check, our business office will make two attempts to contact you, before removing your child from the roster.



Program Cancellations & Updates

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